Services at the Pain Center

We offer a broad range of treatment options, from nerve blocks and epidural
injections to management of medications and counseling. Our training and
experience means we can provide some of the most advanced treatment methods
available today. We work closely with each patient's personal physician to
determine a proper pain treatment program.

Our physicians provide treatment for new (acute) pain conditions including
sciatica, herniated disc, low back pain and neck pain. Prospective patients
can get a referral from their physician or call the pain center directly for an

In addition, we also treat chronic pain, which is defined as pain that lasts for
long periods of time. The cause is not always known but may be related to
arthritis, back problems, or other problems or diseases. Chronic pain is
frequently severe enough to limit a person's activity and make it difficult to
function at work or at home.

Our goal is to help patients suffering from chronic pain to improve their
quality of life. Our pain management physicians do this by exploring ways
to reduce pain, improve mobility, manage medication use and enhance
overall wellness.

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